Who we are

Shandong Gamma Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. It is a professional manufacturer of gas separation and purification equipment. With more than 15 years development,  Gamma Gas is famous for the product long time operation reliability and energy-saving performance of our products.

What we do

Nitrogen generator, oxygen generator and gas purification equipments are the main products supplied by Gamma Gas. Besides products manufacturing and supply, Gamma Gas also provides services such as old equipment updating, equipment energy-saving updating, contracted energy management,  equipment renting, gas supply,etc.

Nitrogen generation

PSA nitrogen generator
Membrane nitrogen generator
Air separation unit-N2

Flow: 1-5000Nm3/hr
Pressure:1-300 barg

Oxygen generation

PSA oxygen generator
VSA oxygen generator
Air separation unit-O2

Flow:1-5000 Nm3/hr
Pressure:1-300 barg

Gas purification

Hydrogen nitrogen purification
Carbon nitrogen purification

Flow:1-5000 Nm3/hr

High reliability

Proven technologies make Gamma Gas products run many years troulble-free.


Lower compressed air consumption makes customers save cost every hour.

Easy installation

Skid-mounting structure minimize site installation work.

Easy operation

After site electricity and downstream pipeline connection, with a few clicks, machines start to run automatically.

Fast response

From pre-sales consultation to quotation submission to site service, Gamma Gas always acts fast.

Partner success

No matter end users or distributors, ensuring your success in every project is the core value of Gamma Gas company.