psa nitrogen generator

PSA nitrogen generator delivery in 2006

This psa nitrogen generator is delivered in Feb 2006 from Gamma Gas factory workshop in Jinan city, Shandong province.

In later 2005, besides ordinary orders from customers, Gamma Gas wins one order with more than 10 pcs psa nitrogen generator from a big customer. This customer has high requirement for production operation reliability, because their production time need constantly stable nitrogen gas supply. Nitrogen purity not less than 99.99%.

After comparison among aall suppliers, finally this customer choose Gamma Gas to manufacture their nitrogen generators. During production, customer sent engineer to make production process inspection. After production, customer also sent engineer for delivery inspection.

After all preparation, now the psa nitrogen generator is ready to leave factory. All workers in Gamma Gas are happy for the achievement.

Welcome customers to contact us for possible cooperation.

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