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Nitrogen Gas Generator in 2004 High-tech Show

Gamma Gas is a factory focusing on technology improvement. Early in 2004, Gamma took part in the High-tech show in Shenzhen. In this trade show, Gamma Gas displayed advanced technologies, discussed with customers their key concerns, which gives good direction for the R&D direction of our nitrogen gas generators.

Gamma Gas President Mr. Xu at 2004 Shenzhen High-tech Trade Show

At that time, only a few factories are in onsite nitrogen gas equipment business. At this trade show, many potential customers who are looking for onsite nitrogen gas generator reached us. They expressed their major two concerns.

1 Operation reliability
Many customers after they purchased onsite nitrogen generators, too often their machine get trouble from time to time. Either it is purity or flow rate could not meet requirement, or it is the machine fully shut down. This is the big headache for most users. When machine get trouble, the whole production line will be influenced. To solve this problem, many customers have to purchase liquid nitrogen from third party as main gas supply, using this onsite nitrogen generator as backup gas supply source.

2 Power consumption
Only when the onsite nitrogen generator is economically atractive, customers are willing to switch from liquid nitrogen to onsite gas generation. Especially when nitrogen purity requirement is more than 99.9%. But now the high purity nitrogen supply with PSA technology requires big air compressor, the operation cost is not low. Remarkably reduce power consumption for onsite nitrogen generator is another tread.

Basied on the trade show feedback, also other customers’ feedback, Gamma Gas focuses on the operation relibality and energy-saving of PSA nitrogen generators. Gamma Gas optimized the process flow, reduced gas flow speed, also replaced parts suppliers. For the production, precise processing machines are used.

After years develpment, Gamma Gas onsite nitrogen generators are winning more and more orders from customers. Welcome to tell us your requirements.

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