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The smooth operation of the gas generator


Work must be observed, diligent, and more thinking to ensure the operation of the gas stove.

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The smooth operation of the gas generator not only ensures the production and quality of the semi-water gas, but also has a direct impact on the decomposition rate of the low-pressure superheated steam and the return rate of the raw coal, and for the furnace bar, the furnace, the jacket, the furnace, The service life of equipment such as the bottom of the furnace is of great significance. Our factory adopts batch gas-making technology, and has mature “three lows and one smashing” operation method. In the production, the gas generator is different from other equipments. Even if it is near atmospheric pressure, it often has carbon layer blowing and furnace strips. The temperature exceeds the standard, the temperature of the furnace group is abnormal, and the content of 2 is excessive. How the gas generator can operate smoothly is the skill that the operator must master.

1 Explanation of the basic theory of the carbon layer of the gas generating furnace 1.1 The basic theory of the carbon layer structure in the gas generating furnace. In the production, according to the temperature change of the carbon layer in the gas furnace and the degree of reaction, the carbon layer is artificially divided into six control zones (see), but there is no strict boundary between them.

2 Control of temperature during smooth operation The most intuitive image of the microcomputer in the production shows that the gas furnace is stable in temperature operation, the load is increased or decreased, the feed of the coke machine is adjusted, the steam volume is adjusted up and down, and the speed of the furnace is rotated. Can be displayed from the temperature screen.

3 Smooth operation of production load and steam flow In intermittent cycle gas production, the blowing stage is the heat storage stage, and the gas production stage is the endothermic stage. The operator should master the coordination of the primary air and the upper and lower blowing steam flow. In order to ensure the normal production.

The operator should be concerned with the analysis of the gas composition of the upper and lower blown water gas to ensure that the CQj content of the upper blown gas is 5%~7%, and the COz content of the blown gas is 4%~%. If the amount of steam blown on the upper blow is too large, blow up The heat absorption of the gas is increased, the temperature of the oxide layer is lowered, the COj content of the semi-water gas is increased, and the C0 content is lowered. The operation of the fire layer is moved up and the temperature of the furnace surface is raised, and the furnace is easily blown over. If the amount of steam blown is too large, the heat absorption of the gas increases, the temperature of the reduction layer decreases, the content of 0* decreases, and the content of C0 decreases (the CO gas content is a sign of the temperature of the fire layer), and the fire layer moves down for a long time. The temperature of the grate rises and even burns the grate. If the upper blowing steam is too small, the heat absorption of the gas is reduced, and the temperature of the oxide layer is raised. If the melting temperature of the raw material ash is exceeded (1420X, the fire layer softens and condenses into a block, and the formation of a large block affects the stability of the fire layer, thereby affecting Gas distribution, the furnace is easy to blow.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the nitrogen flow rate of the upper blowing and nitrogen blowing. The use of the upper blowing nitrogen air can ensure a small amount of heat when the upper blowing gas is supplied, and can raise the temperature of the furnace surface, maintain the heat balance, and adjust the nitrogen content of the half water gas.

Only when the primary wind load is coordinated with the upper and lower blowing steam amount and the nitrogen-added air flow, the diligent observation, diligent adjustment and more thinking can ensure the smooth operation of the gas furnace.

4 Balance of pressure in gas furnace operation During the operation of the gas furnace, the change of the valve will change the pressure of the valve. At this time, the pressure of the upper and lower air passages should be maintained in one stage. The upper and lower airway pressures are lower than the normal operation during the blowing stage, and the lower airway pressure is increasing. At this time, the chimney valve should be automatically opened. If the lower airway pressure fluctuates greatly, pay attention to whether the furnace surface temperature rises sharply. Whether there is the possibility of carbon layer blowing, the gas phase should pay attention to the steam flow, prevent the steam valve from opening; also pay attention to the upper and lower airway pressure changes. If there is pressure, check whether the gas three-way is unchanged, or The situation of the air inlet box plugging is carefully observed to ensure the smooth operation of the gas stove.

S survey observation, survey hands, more thinking should pay attention to observe the quality of raw materials, medium size, low ash content, good thermal stability, high fixed content of raw materials, good ventilation, low resistance, lower upper and lower airway pressure, production More heat, concentrated fire layer, good gas production effect; regularly measure the empty layer to ensure the carbon layer twist; when ash, pay attention to observe the shape of the ash, determine the temperature of the oxide layer is low, to adjust the amount of steam blowing up and down; The amount of ash in the two ash buckets determines whether manual assisted smashing is required.

6 The stable operation of the gas furnace plus and reduced load is the key to ensure the production, increase the gas production and reduce the cost. When the load needs to be lifted, the following links should be paid attention to: Prevent the carbon layer from being overturned due to the load; 2 increase the amount of blowing, the lower airway pressure can not increase 19.6Pa each time, then the entire pore and pores in the carbon layer will gradually become thicker as the gas flow increases, Adapt to the needs of high-load production, increase the load should not be too strong, the air volume does not exceed 4000Nm3 / h; 3 increase in air volume, the heat storage will increase, then increase the amount of steam, maintain heat balance, prevent excessive steam consumption, steam consumption Should not be greater than 0.5t / h; 4 after the load is increased, pay attention to adjust the speed of the furnace.