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Established in March 2003 in Jinan, Shandong province, China, Shandong Gamma Gas Engineering Company is a professional manufacturer of air separation plants and gas purification equipment.

Company main products are PSA nitrogen generators, PSA oxygen generators, membrane nitrogen generators, VPSA oxygen generators and small-medium sized air separation unit. In China, Gamma Gas products complies with Chinese GB national standards. For overseas projects, standards and certifications such as ASME、CE、CU-TR,etc are followed.

Gamma Gas main activities are product sales and service, new business modes such as technical updating, gas equipment renting, on-site gas supply, contract energy management are also carried out, meeting customers various need.

Gamma Gas has been engaging in the development of new product and new technologies. New type energy saving nitrogen generator has been launched in June 2019, which has remarkable energy-saving performance, saving operation cost for customers every hour. Gamma product development is market oriented, focusing on reducing customer gas consumption cost and ensuring gas using safety.

Gamma Gas constantly improves management, ERP system, OA system, QHSE systems etc. have been implemented, ensuring every product and every project carried out by Gamma Gas meet customers’ expectations.

With more than 15 years development, Gamma is  becoming an well-known  supplier in air separation business. We warmly welcome all partners to contact us for business cooperations.

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